INSULATION of all types for Home Owners, as well as Multi-unit, Commercial and Industrial buildings

At Smart Builders, our goal is to help property owners achieve a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient living and working environment, and to help lower operating costs. We are a specialty insulation and building performance contractor. We apply the latest building science techniques to evaluate your property, then recommend the most cost effective improvements.

Services we provide: Polyurethane spray foam insulation applied to walls of a house.

  • Closed and open cell polyurethane spray foam insulation
  • Loose fill and batt fiberglass insulation
  • Loose fill and dense pack cellulose insulation
  • UltraTouch cotton denim insulation
  • HVAC duct repair and replacement
  • High efficiency water heater installation
  • High efficiency furnaces and air conditioners
  • Weatherization (stopping drafts)
  • Efficient lighting advice and installation (see our Lighting Tips page)
  • Window replacement
  • Combustion appliance safety testing
  • PG&E rebate processing
  • Building performance assessments to determine cost-effective improvements

We have found that typical homes, as well as older apartment buildings in the have inadequate insulation. We can apply insulation to attics and roofs, walls, and under floors, as well as install high efficiency water heaters and HVAC equipment and other energy saving upgrades; whichever items make the most sense for your particular home or facility. That's the 'Smart' approach.

Smart Builders is a participating contractor in Energy Upgrade California, as well as a PG&E "Energy Partner". These programs provide big rebates to property owners who invest in energy efficiency upgrades in and across the state. We have already helped hundreds of property owners leverage these rebate dollars to achieve much greater comfort at a very affordable cost. See what others are saying about Smart Builders on our testimonials page.

Fixed rate financing is available to pay the full cost of energy upgrades for property owners, with zero up front costs.

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