Smart investing starts here

Energy efficiency is the smartest investment a home-owner can make.

• Your investment is guaranteed.
• 8 – 30 % annual return, TAX FREE!
• Safer than stocks.
• Higher return than bonds or annuities.
• Energy efficiency pays big dividends!

Every dollar you shave off of your energy bill is a tax free dollar in your pocket. If you spend 1000 dollars to reduce your energy bill by $16.67 per month ($200/year), that’s a 20% annual return on your investment, guaranteed and tax free. Try getting that rate of return anywhere else. There is no other way to get that kind of return on your money that isn’t illegal.


And here are the other benefits:

• Increase the asset value of your home, without raising the tax assessment. A home that is cheaper to operate is worth more money.
• Create local jobs. This work cannot be sent off-shore.
• Make America more secure and energy independent: America is a net importer of energy. By reducing energy consumption, you are helping reduce our dependence on imported oil and natural gas.
• Reduce carbon emissions: Every kilowatt-hour of electricity saved prevents a half pound of carbon dioxide emissions. Every therm of natural gas saved prevents 13.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
• A more comfortable home.
• Improved indoor air quality.

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