Energy Efficiency

The cheapest barrel of oil is the one you don’t use. The same is true for kilowatt-hours of electricity or therms of natural gas. We have found that most of our customers are easily achieving reductions in home energy use of 30 – 40% with only modest investments in home improvement upgrades, and no changes in lifestyle. Energy efficiency is much more cost-effective than solar power.

The biggest and cheapest source of ‘new’ energy comes from increased efficiency. By fixing your heating ducts, adding insulation, sealing holes and cracks, and installing high efficiency heating and cooling equipment, you can dramatically lower your energy use. These indoor comfort and improved air quality benefits provided by these types of improvements go beyond simply reducing energy costs.

The US EPA, the CA Energy Commission, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab all agree that improving energy efficiency is a higher priority than developing expensive new sources of energy, including solar power.

Let us show you how easy it is to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills. By investing in energy upgrades, your dollars are put back into the local economy, you help to lower carbon emissions, and you reduce your own dependence on imported sources of energy.

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