Dear Smart Builders,

I just want to say, now that the job has been completed, that your team did a great job. I believe we will see a huge drop in our energy bill between the past year and years to come. Your crew were professional in everything they did, they know what to do, how to do it and worked their butts off. I would be happy to recommend your company to any prospective new clients you wish to refer to us.

Please share our gratitude with Lalo and his men for all the good work they did.


- Larry & Patti, Foster City


“After Smart Builders analyzed my home’s energy efficiency, I collaborated with them to design an affordable retrofit that would improve energy performance. Lalo Gutierrez was knowledgeable, creative and extremely pleasant to work with. His crew of polite and skilled workers cleaned up thoroughly after each day’s work. Not only is my home warmer and less drafty, my winter PG&E gas bill is down 34% and the electric savings is 25%!”

Vicky, resident of Oakland


Hi Lalo,

I thought you would be interested to hear some of the utility bill results. My propane company filled my propane tank this week. This time of year, it usually costs $600-$650. This month, the cost was $276.

Regarding the deadlier monster, PG&E. Last 4 months averaged $539. I just got my e-bill from PG&E for the last month. The bill was for $358. KwH/day dropped 27.2% compared to the same period last year.

Combined, that is over $500/month decrease between the propane and PG&E. WAY TO GO!!

- Russel, Morgan Hill

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